How to Turn Off the New “Raise to Wake” Feature

Featured in the new IOS 10, some iPhone models can now Raise to Wake. Just like the name suggests, when you grab your device, the screen will wake, or light up. However, this is only available on newer iPhones, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7. Before you decide to turn off this feature, at[…]

Use message effects with iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apples new iOS 10 makes your iMessages more expressive. Now, you can add effects to your message bubbles, send animations that take over the entire screen, add a personal touch with a handwritten note, and more! Send a message with effects With message effects, you can use bubble effects to change the way your message bubbles[…]

What is iCloud Drive and How Can I Use It?

iCloud Drive lets you securely access all your documents from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows PC. So, no matter which device you’re using, you always have the most up to date documents when you need them. Here’s what you can do with iCloud Drive: Store all your documents in one place from any[…]

First Friday Art Walk with Mack Maschmeier

Mack Maschmeier, a local graphic designer and illustrator, explores a linear illustration style using pen and ink. Featuring a collection of freehand drawings of portraits and skulls, as well as some colorful minimalist cartography.   Mack’s art will be on display for the months of September and October.   Steamboat Springs First Friday Artwalk is[…]


We would like to honor veterans this Memorial Day weekend by gifting back to them. Personalized Classes scheduled in the entire month of June for veterans and active military personnel are half priced. We speak fluent Apple and Windows, so no matter what you wish to learn, we are watching out for your six. Call 970-870-9784 or stop[…]