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Small Business Consulting

▪ Reliable backup services are always a smart investment. A solid backup is still cheaper then starting your company over from the ground up. ▪ Proper security protocol will protect your company’s data by thwarting would-be hackers and viruses by taking a closer look at your security set up. ▪ Maintaining software put out by the manufacturer to improve functionality, as well as address security concerns. Upgrading hardware can also aid in improved speed and security for your business.

personalized training

STC has the most friendly, knowledgeable, and professional computer specialists in the Northwest AND the Southwest. Each trainer will take the time to assess your needs and having you feeling confident and ready to let your creativity ascend. These one-on-one classes are tailored to you and generally last about one hour. No matter what your learning level or device we are here to help.

Apple Authorized Reseller

Ski Town Computing offers the same warranty to our customers that is provided when buying directly from Apple. This peace of mind is a benefit of doing business with an Apple Authorized Reseller and is not available to customers buying from unauthorized resellers. Customers that want an extra level of security, performance guarantee, should look for the Apple Authorized Reseller logo before making their next purchase.

Apple Authorized Repair

▪Only Authorized Service Providers are able to obtain parts directly from Apple in order to complete repairs. ▪Apple tests all Authorized Service Providers to make sure they are able to deliver exceptional customer service to the highest standards in the industry. ▪Labor, parts and (where applicable) travel for qualifying repairs are covered by Apple Limited Warranty or extended service agreements. ▪Access to comprehensive product, repair, service, recalls, take-apart, troubleshooting, and upgrade information, plus on-the-spot technical support is available from certified technicians.

Welcome to Ski Town Computing.

Ski Town Computing takes pride in the ability to repair products, but also people too. Employing a growing staff with over seventy-five years of IT and customer service experience, each member understands the magnitude of what our services provide. Every member is empowered, by building long lasting relationships with trust and communication.

Welcome to the Nurdery.

Ski Town Computing has the most friendly, knowledgeable, and professional computer specialists... deep down we are all nerds.
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Marcus Worthen

The fearless leader. You will often hear Marcus say ‘I am in grad school for life’ and he is not wrong. He maintains almost a dozen different certifications across the technology stratosphere…. Oh and runs a company.  Certified MacOS and iOS Technician
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Amy Johnson

Vice President
The woman who can do it all. While heading the small business division of STC, she also oversees onsite install and the maintenance of dozens of private clients. It has been said she speaks all languages, very well.
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Beth Hadrys

General Manager
Overseeing both the Durango and Steamboat Springs locations, Beth is almost in two places at one time. Maintaining day to day operations and takes every opportunity to learn new ways to help the communities of these sister cities with technology needs. When you need her, she will be there.
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Ty Beckman

Durango Manager &  Certified iOS Technician
Ty can make something methodical seem like a fantasy. He approaches every repair like an artist to a canvas. Ty likes what he does and knows what he is doing.
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Mel Cyr

Durango Sales and Support
Think of Mel like a computer muse. You will leave with unabashed confidence and will not be able to wait to use the knowledge she provides to conquer your challenges.
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Stephanie Grey

Steamboat Sales and Support
Not only can Stephanie guide your technology wishes and needs, she has an unlimited capacity for creativity. Lose yourself in a moment or find your center, she knows the way.
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Alexander Albert

Head Tech
The man with two first names might as well have two brains as well. He is an Apple Certified Technician and loves the challenge of every PC that comes across his bench. Patient, meticulous, and knowledgeable. You are in good hands with Alex.
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Tim Cordova

 Certified iOS Technician
Tim has an ability to make every client feel immediately at ease. His caring nature takes over and when you leave you will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. Tim habla español.


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